The 918 Club

The Pool House is located on the two-acre estate grounds.
918 Club Members may view private areas of the residence which features unique European appointments.

The 918 Club is a membership-based social organization dedicated to fostering an appreciation of historic architecture.  The current owners of the Motown Mansion are members of the 918 Club and have hosted club meetings at the Mansion.  918 Club members exchange information regarding restoration techniques, contractors and other information of interest to people who are dedicated to preserving historic properties.  From time to time, the 918 Club meets at the Mansion to enjoy the restoration at the residence.  Club membership is limited to allow for an intimate experience for the members.  Membership is social in nature and is intended to foster and encourage an appreciation of art and architecture for the historic residences in the City of Detroit. Membership is available for an individual or for a couple.

Learn More About The 918 Club

The 918 Club is a private club founded by the owners of the Motown Mansion.  The Club is limited to those individuals who are interested in the history and architecture of the historic residences of the City of Detroit.  Membership in the 918 Club entitles you to participate in meetings with other club members to discuss historic renovation and restoration.  Members meet at the homes of other members, including the Motown Mansion.  Membership is limited.  For information about the 918 Club, contact us!