The Motown Mansion

In 2002, attorney Cynthia F. Reaves purchased the Berry Gordy Mansion in Detroit.  For the next two years, the she undertook an award winning restoration of the property.  She developed a new theme for an innovative concept in hosting charitable events at historic properties and the Motown Mansion was born!  Ms. Reaves spent many years developing the Motown Mansion brand with great success!

In 2016, Ms. Reaves sold the Berry Gordy Mansion and transferred the Motown Mansion to her new event space located downriver!  The Berry Gordy Mansion remains under private ownership.  The Motown Mansion is currently under construction with hopes to have the construction completed in Fall 2022. We look forward to hosting your events at the Motown Mansion as we develop the space. 

We look forward to hosting your event at that time!

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