What's Next? SkinnyThick!
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     Following the sale of the Motown Mansion, the owner, Cynthia Reaves, will be embarking upon a new venture, SKINNYTHICK! A new program that is designed to encourage weight loss based upon healthy food choices made on a budget.  Living in the City of Detroit, there are food deserts that make it difficult for people living on a budget to excercise healthy food choices with the purpose of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. The SkinnyThick program is designed to allow for a variety of healthy food choices on a restricted budget with restricted resources.

     SKINNYTHICK is also a lifestyle.  Real women have curves.  While there is nothing wrong with a slender frame, SKINNYTHICK embraces curves with a healthy angle.  SKINNYTHICK embraces a body type that is realistic and sustainable for women!

     Join Cynthia on her journey to better health!  Watch her on her journey to become SKINNYTHICK!

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