An Unparalled Setting with Superior Craftsmanship!

The detail of the Mansion's Library doors are an example of the fine craftsmanship found throughout the manor.
The current owners demand attention to detail for their events.

Over the years, many corporations, organizations and individuals enjoyed hosting events at the Motown Mansion.  While the owners do not rent the Mansion out for public events, they do make their home available for certain private community-based events.  In this manner, the current owners enjoy hosting their family and friends at the Mansion.  With a number of formal and informal settings from which to choose, the owners are fortunate that the Motown Mansion creates just the right atmosphere for their many functions. As the former residence of Motown Records founder and impresario, Berry Gordy, Jr., the current owners have found that the Motown Mansion lends itself well to their music and entertainment industry functions, in particular. In addition, the current and past owners have hosted local symphony and opera recitals for new and emerging talent in the Athletic Building.  In fact, legend has it that the Jackson 5 auditioned for Motown Records in this very space!  Indeed, the owners have hosted numerous listening parties for their guests in the Athletic Building.

The owners of the Motown Mansion host many events.  As a result, they are happy to refer you to some of the caterers who have provided services to them at their various events.  We recommend these caterers because they are great at managing event details and helping their clients accomplish the finishing touches necessary to ensure the success of their event or meeting.  While we are happy to share our resources with you, we are not responsible for your interactions with these caterers.  If you have a special caterer that you enjoy, please contact us.  We love trying new caterers!


An Ideal Movie or Photo Shoot Location!

Take a peek inside the Mansion!

Take a tour of the Motown Mansion!  The Motown Mansion PDF Presentation to the right provides additional information regarding the Motown Mansion as well as information regarding using the Mansion for movie shoots!  Don't forget to take a peek at the Mansion renovations under the History page on this website!

Special Events and Marketing Services

Detail of the Mansion's Living Room Fireplace

The current owners of the Motown Mansion own a marketing and special events management firm.  If you are in need of these services, please contact  Jackson Gates Associates, Inc. (JGA) to bring top quality event planning services to you. The team at JGA have a wide range of services that can be made available to you for your event or activity. JGA also offers outsourced corporate marketing, advertising campaign development, diversity training and management intervention and creative workshops on a number of topics.

Create Drama for Your Event!

JGA, a company owned by the owners of the Motown Mansion, has assembled a strong talent pool that has worked on the development of numerous campaigns and promotional events. Another company owned by the owners is the AV Media Group  (AVMG), a videography and audio-visual services group. In coordination with AVMG, JGA is able to enhance your special event or marketing strategy through innovative multi-media presentations and materials.

Logistical Support Services

Are you planning a large event or for the special needs of your VIP guest?  Let the team at JGA assist in providing seamless and effortless assistance to your clients and friends so that you can relax and enjoy your event or function.  JGA can manage every detail of your event from the moment that your guest arrives in Motown to the time that they depart the city.  Our expertise allows us to anticipate the needs of your clients...whether it is the specially chilled juice bar for your the demanding entertainer to recommendations for a night out on the town for your business associates.  We anticipate their needs and meet their requirements with ease and confidence!